You need a new roof to defend your home from the elements. You want it to look beautiful and perform for life.
Homeowners who expect more from their roof are advised to invest in a quality metal roof from MetalMan Roofing.

Metal roof installation has an abundance of benefits for Seattle homeowners.

While homeowners consider metal roofing cost, this product yields an incredible return on investment. In the Pacific region, metal roofing brings a return on investment of roughly 65%. It can potentially be a selling point for your home if you decide to put it on the market.

Long Lifespan

A new metal roof can last for life with its durable construction and professional installation.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofing is designated as a Class A fire resistant product, making it the highest-rated in the industry.

Energy Efficient

New metal roof installation can help control heating and cooling costs throughout the year. MetalMan Roofing products are certified by Energy Star.

Wind Resistant

With interlocking engineering of metal roofing, rest assured that the roof will remain securely in place.

The Beauty of Metal Roofing​

Metal roof installation is spectacular for performance as well as curb appeal. When you choose to work with MetalMan Roofing, you’ll enjoy choosing from a large selection of colors that fit every personal taste. Architectures ranging from contemporary to traditional will flaunt quality craftsmanship with a new metal roof.

Metal roof replacement is also rust-free, ensuring that it looks beautiful for life. This is critical in wet and rainy climates such as Seattle and surrounding areas. You’ll receive a clean and streamlined look that’s made to last through all seasons.

Are you ready to become the proud owner of a new metal roof? Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote on metal roofing cost.​