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MetalMan Roofing is proud to showcase our project gallery.
You’ll find an array of metal roofing installation projects in our gallery. New metal roofing makes a tremendous impact on curb appeal for Seattle homeowners. These projects will give you an example of how you can design your own standing seam metal roof.
Explore our Metal Roofing Color Selection
Did you know that metal roofing from MetalMan comes in an extensive array of colors? This is your opportunity to create a standout curb appeal with an eye-catching roof.

Our metal roofing includes colors ranging from neutral to contemporary. Go bold with colors such as royal blue or medium bronze. Blend with the beauty of Seattle’s scenery with varying hues of greens and gray.

Having trouble selecting a color? Our expert team will assist you in choosing the optimal metal roof color for your home. The available colors can coordinate or contrast with your home, leaving nothing less than eye-catching curb appeal.

Achieve Depth and Dimension
A new metal roof can provide a fantastic amount of depth and dimension to your exterior. This is achieved with a standing seam metal roof, which you’ll find within our professional portfolio.

Our standing seam metal roof is a concealed fastener roofing system. It’s engineered with vertical or trapezoidal legs with a flat space in between. This type of roofing construction and material results in an exceedingly durable and weathertight upgrade for Seattle homeowners.

The seams and spaces provide an incredible dimension that you can’t achieve with other roofing materials. Its unique engineering makes it an outstandingly attractive upgrade for your exterior, preventing leaks and resisting high winds for years to come.

When you’re ready for your home to make it on our portfolio page, get in touch with us for a quote on metal roofing.